Pfilates for Prevention

Pfilates for PreventionThe Pfilates Motto is "Recover - Strengthen - Prevent." It’s always best to be preventive. Even if you don’t have a problem, why not stay in prevention mode and get started? Pelvic Floor Muscle Training, or PFMT, reduces injury risk, back and pelvic pain, improves posture, and prevention/recovery of urinary incontinence and hemorrhoids, strengthens the transversus abdominus (TVA) - the natural girdle for your torso, happier sexual function, support during pregnancy and delivery, with decreased post partum recovery time taking you back to your pre-natal shape. PFMT helps to regulate the menstrual cycle, prevent or improve pelvic organ prolapse/symptoms and improve fertility.

The deep core and pelvic floor muscles are at work 24-7 throughout your lifetime. They are not your abdominals, they are much deeper and closer to the joints. They are the foundation on which you build. You can have nice abs but still leak when you cough or laugh.

  • Fertility

    PFMT teaches you to relax your core muscles, provides motor and sensory nerve supply to vital areas, increases circulation and blood flow to the pelvic organs, uterus and pelvic floor muscles.

  • Pregnancy

    The stretching of the transversus abdominus (TVA) (natural girdle) and pelvic floor during pregnancy can lead to poor posture and instability in the pelvis resulting in pubic/pelvic/sciatic and lower back pain. With PFMT, strengthening of the TVA will allow for a quicker recovery to your pre-natal shape. A strong pelvic floor will improve posture and balance, and help during labour and delivery.

  • Hormones

    Release of relaxin and progesterone hormones are intended to prepare and relax the body for delivery, including relaxing the ligaments and joints. PFMT will help in reducing pelvic and low back pain by stabilizing the pelvis during and after pregnancy and reducing the risk of injury during quick movements.

  • Postpartum

    PFMT should be started 24-48 hours after childbirth or as reasonably possible. Having pre-existing strong deep core muscles will speed up your recovery.

  • Stress Urinary Incontinence

    PFMT is 80-85% successful in the recovery of SUI, which is frequently experienced during and after pregnancy. Be pro-active by practicing PFMT before and as soon as possible after baby.

  • Menstrual Health

    Irregular menstrual cycles are related to poor pelvic floor conditioning, resulting in poor circulation to the uterus and ovaries. Stress also affects reproductive hormones.

  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse

    PFMT and learning proper posture help to support your pelvic organs, and allow for adequate blood flow, nourishment for nerves, strong core support of pelvic organs and abdominal connective tissue, and may prevent need for future surgery.

  • Sexual Satisfaction

    PFMT increases sexual satisfaction. There are several pelvic floor disorders which can be prevented/improved and in some cases eliminated, through PFMT.

Having a strong deep muscle core floor is essential to so many areas of your life, whether it be good posture, regular periods, partaking in sports without leaking, strong healthy pregnancy, decreased post-partum recovery time, a happier sex life, possible avoidance of surgery, or avoiding back pain and discomfort by learning how to strengthen and relax the pelvic floor muscles. Quality of life is enhanced by the positive effects of PFMT.

For more information, see our What Is Pfilates page and feel free to contact Brenna if you have any questions.

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