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Bellies Inc.
Founded by 3 moms, Bellies Inc. is dedicated to more effective and innovative strategies for core health and wellness in pregnancy and for new moms. Pfilates Resources The official Pfilates website with products and videos on Pfilates, including clips of Dr. Bruce Crawford and sample exercises.

Hosts of PfitTV (Pfitness Television) with uncensored shows on bladder control and Pfilates. Participate through live chat is encouraged. Integrated health agency promoting accessible health care by providing a wide range of services including counselling, registered dietician services, art therapy and more. Pfilates and therapeutic yoga classes held at this location. A wealth of information and resources as well as an active community for women dealing with pelvic organ prolapse. Dr. Bruce Crawford's laboratory and home to his VESy system of pelvic floor rehabilitation with resources and videos on Pfilates.
Pelvienne Wellness Inc Kim Vopni, the Fitness Doula, is one of the founders of Bellies Inc and provides many quality pre- and post-natal products on her website.

Articles Written By Brenna

South Delta Leader Q&A Download Brenna's Answer to a reader's question: "I have heard from friends about post pregnancy leakage when coughing or sneezing. Is there any way I can prevent this?"
The Birch Tree Family Wellness Mind.Body.Health Newsletter - Volume III, Winter 2012 Download Brenna's Article, "Getting to the Core This Holiday: Pfilates (Pelvic Floor Pilates) Deep Core Muscle Training for a Functional Core"

Research Studies

The Canadian Medical Association's InfoPOEMs synopsis of "Does regular exercise including pelvic floor muscle training prevent urinary and anal incontinence during pregnancy? A randomised controlled trial," entitled "Pelvic floor muscle training reduces urinary incontinence in pregnancy." Key Points:
  • "The intervention consisted of 1-hour sessions provided by a physiotherapist with 30 to 35 minutes of low-impact aerobics; 20 to 25 minutes of strength exercises, including PFMT…Women were additionally instructed to do home exercises, including the PFMT, for 45 minutes at least twice a week."
  • "Urinary incontinence (UI) was defined as any urine leakage in the past 4 weeks."
  • Postintervention results: lower prevalence of UI, severe UI and fecal incontinence in the intervention group.

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